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About DFM

Mission Statement

To provide full support services to businesses and individuals which, are cost effective, professional, dependable and in an timeous manner.

DFM Virtual Assistant is managed by myself, Dee Matheson, and I am a certified Administrative Professional by the Institute of Certified Administrative Professionals and have also been certified with the following:

    •  Project Management

    •  Public Relations

    •  Human Resources Management

    •  Professional Selling Skills

My ability to communicate with people from all walks of life, handle various tasks simultaneously and produce a top notch result timeously is what makes me stand out from the crowd. I specialise in small to medium sized businesses as well as Post Graduate and MBA students who need help when time is of the essence and may not have the skill or resources to get the job done.

In summary, I have over 30+ years’ experience which includes:

      Personal Assistant to the Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Director of an     international FMCG
      Regional Administrator for an international FMCG
    •  Personal Assistant to the CEO of an international citrus research     company
      Personal Assistant to the Senior Intellectual Property Partner at a legal     firm
    •  International and local Recruitment Consultant for an international     company
    •  Key Accounts Manager for an international vehicle rental agency
    •  National Marketing Officer for an international accounting and auditing     firm
    •  Personal Assistant to the Regional Human Resources Manager for an     international accounting and auditing firm
    •  And I also speak German

    If you need more info on specific duties for the above positions, they are available upon request. Please email me on : info@dfm-virtualassistant.co.za

Want to be a Virtual Assistant?

I was retrenched and needed to find another avenue to earn money and my husband’s favourite saying is “Stick to what you know”. I had no clue as to how my PA skills could be sold until I was told to look into the Virtual Assistant Industry. This has been a major learning curve. I have stumbled and will very likely still stumble but on this wonderful road to being my own boss, I have learned so much. I believe in sharing and if you are interested in starting your own Virtual Assistant business, click on the button below and send me an email. I have an excellent “How to be a Virtual Assistant” guide available as an eBook and it will cost you all of R100.00. It’s worth the investment and will show you the quickest way to get your new business on the road to success. As a BONUS I have also included lots of tips and tricks and How To Guides to fast track your business.

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